Thursday, November 7, 2019


Gavroche GavrocheGavroche might no be the protagonist of this novel, but nevertheless, his presence through the plot is essential for many reasons.At the begging when we meet Gavroche it appears to the reader that he is just a simple character who would not have much transcendence in the novel, the only thing that he was suppose to do was to tell Marius where Cosette lived.The novel continues and Gavroche reappears in the novel with a more important role in the plot. Gavroche is shown as a little boy who fights alone to survive because he has no family, he lives in a monument in a shape of an elephant and sometimes he has to steal things to sell them so he has something to eat.Poor is a characteristic of this character but he is poor only in the aspects money because he a person who has a big heart who is always willing to give away what he has to others.Gavroche

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