Sunday, February 2, 2020

Environmental Projects NYC Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Environmental Projects NYC - Term Paper Example The three sub basins identified cuts across in excess of 35countries. The environmental context of this basin is of great concern since its water quality has been comprised from time to time. Numerous geological surveys have been conducted all over New York to address environmental issues, and the water quality of this basin is one of the identified environmental issues in New York. This paper is meant to assess the problem of water quality in the basin basing its argument on the applicability of geosciences in understanding and addressing the problem. This problem is brought about by the environmental setting of the basin. The basin occurs in an environment setting that allows massive land use in all the areas that the basin lies on. Application of Geosciences in Understanding and Addressing the Water Quality Issue in the Hudson River Basin Sediments in the stream bottom Geological studies have been conducted in the basin for quite some time now. It has been established that the urb an streams of the basin as well as on other rivers of the basin have considerable levels of stream sediments. These sediments are mostly found on the bottom of the stream. The presence of these sediments has comprised the water quality in the basin due to the fact they raise metal concentration in the water. The metals have also led to the concentration of chemicals resulting from water-metal reactions, for example the polychlorinated biphenyls (Levinton & Waldman 39). The water quality in the basin has as a result deteriorated, evidenced by the fact that the above mentioned concentrations have exceeded the predetermined and set standards of water quality. In addressing this problem, the National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) has put measures in place that are aimed at reducing concentration levels in the basin. Part of the basin that lies within urban areas is said to carry large amounts of zinc, lead and mercury. In fact, these levels of concentration exceed those set by the Ne w York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). In this regard, the two agencies have initiated programs that are designed to sensitize the locals about the need to reduce metal concentrations in the water. Although the drinking water quality is still observed, there are concerns that the basin could turn unsafe for human consumption if stern measures are not taken. On this note, de-concentration actions by environmental agencies have been established to deal with this issue. Geosciences experts and professionals have been engaged in the process in order to fully observe such progresses and correct mishaps that may be realized in the course. Stream ecology The Hudson River Basin is characterized by many social and economic activities. Some parts of the basin remains undisturbed but where encroachment has occurred, many activities are conducted. This due tot the fact that the basic’s hydrological potential; exceeds that many other basins in New York. On the sam e note, the basin is characteristic of numerous rivers and tributaries that make up its interconnectedness. This special feature of the basin has attracted many local into farming activities, alongside harboring many animal species like fish and invertebrates. Intolerant animal species have so far been absent in the river, denoting aspects of unfavorable environment. Human encroachment along the basin can be cited as a reason for this. Studies done on the water quality

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