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Polictal Phylosophy. What it it Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Polictal Phylosophy. What it it - Term Paper Example This paper shall be a discussion of my personal political philosophy. Specifically, it shall be a discussion of my liberal political philosophy, largely based and supported by John Locke’s philosophy. A discussion of my political philosophy as applied in the Iraqi invasion shall be established by this paper followed by a discussion related to gay marriage. My other political views shall also be considered, as well as the relationship of this philosophy with other political philosophies. Body I have a liberal political philosophy. By this, I mean that I believe in the freedom of the people to decide their own fates within the bounds of law and morality with limited interference from other people, other states, and from the government. I adhere firmly to this philosophy because I believe that man was by nature born free and possessing of these inherent liberties. As such, he is free to decide his destiny and his fate as an individual and as a free person (Gaus, 1983). I also bel ieve that allowing the individuality of people to emerge can help ensure the favorable development of human beings. It also allows them to become the person they most want to be, without anyone or anything preventing them from fulfilling their ultimate goals (Mill, 1963). I believe this to be the best ideology which a person can apply in his life because through such ideology, he will be able to get closer to the perfection he desires. Only under liberal principles and philosophies can a society which is ideal for the greatest number of people be achieved. Every man has an opportunity to shine and to gain success under this philosophy and it would also serve to equalize economic disparities among the people, thereby giving the poor people a chance to seek their fortunes and dreams under the protection of this philosophy. My political philosophy acknowledges the fact that a favorable life is one which is freely chosen and one where a person can develop his individual and unique quali ties based on his plans in life (Galston, 1980). I also adhere to this political philosophy because I strongly oppose the dictatorial and authoritarian ideals which are contrary to the ideals of liberalism. I also do not adhere to the idea that ‘might makes right.’ I believe that we started out as a people without any government, without police authorities or even private properties, and yet with natural and inherent reasoning, we have managed to coexist favorably with each other and have managed to resolve our differences using natural laws. By adequate and logical reasoning, it is sufficient to think that people have their rights to their labor and their properties (IEP, 2001). Eventually, with time, people have been able to discover that in order to coexist with each other, they needed to establish social contracts with each other, and from such contract, political obligations and the management of private properties have been established (IEP, 2001). With these prec epts, I adhere to the liberal political philosophy because it is a philosophy which is likely to benefit the most number of people in fair and naturally efficient ways. I am also a liberalist because the philosophy it espouses are fertile grounds for the application of

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