Thursday, October 31, 2019

Report Summary Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Report Summary - Term Paper Example The review is based on this particular article and a few other related literature that are relevant to the arguments presented in the article. This report concludes that sustainable development can only be achieved through low- carbon economy. Such an economy is critical in sustaining the present and future generation without subjecting them to serious environmental, social, and economic risks that often characterizes high- carbon economy. Introduction The article â€Å"World Investment Report 2010- Investing in a Low- Carbon Economy† was prepared by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in 2010. The report has focused on various aspects of investment across the world such as Global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), investment policy trends, and how specific sectors play a role in FDI share among other aspects. Particularly, the report has discussed investing in a low- carbon economy. Its focus on low- carbon economy is informed by the need to have sus tainable economic development. This article was developed in the context of emerging impacts of climate change that are deemed to be adverse and detrimental to human survival in the long- run. As such, there is need for solutions in order to counter the implications of climate change impacts and provide sustainable environment for the present and future generations. UNCTAD is a UN’s agency and therefore the credibility of this article is unquestionable. The subject of low- carbon economy is very important and worth writing because as a society we cannot ignore the impacts of climate change which are so real. The society should be alive to the realities of climate change which threatens the very existence of humans (Sawin and Moomaw 23). That is why writing on measures that are and should be taken to counter one of the greatest challenges currently facing humans is such a noble engagement. This purpose of this report is to focus on the issues discussed in the article, which is investing in the low- carbon economy. The article is comprehensive and covers critical aspects that focus on investing in low- carbon economy. Analytical Summary of Main Arguments The article begins by arguing that Transnational Corporations (TNCs) are part of the problem and solution to the investment in a low- carbon economy due to the proposition that they can provide low- carbon technology and investment. Indeed, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on low carbon is already huge and its potential is immense. However, â€Å"carbon leakage† is a major concern to this investment; UNCTADA notes in its report that this concern can be addressed at source rather than at the border through ways such as engaging corporate governance mechanisms (UNCTAD 20). Moreover, investments in low- carbon economy should not occur in haphazard as this may result to high costs and reduced benefits. Therefore, there is need for policy to be put in place so as to minimize costs and maximize benefits t hat are linked to attracting low- carbon FDI (Constable 95). Towards this end, UNCTAD makes proposals in the report in regard to global partnership. The proposal is made up of five major components: securing contribution of IIAs to mitigation of climate change; establishment of strategies that are geared towards promoting clean investment; developing an international

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