Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Sleep Deprivation Epidemic Is Affecting Teenagers...

The purpose of this research is to explore the sleep deprivation epidemic currently affecting teenagers across the country. A study was conducted through the use of survey research on a group of students at Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design which asked questions regarding their current sleeping habits, and its affect on their academic performance. Questions considering other outside factors contributing to the lack of sleep of students were also included. 271 students participated in the survey spanning grade levels 9 to 12. The results of the study were that the majority of the students did not get the widely recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night for teenagers, and the majority of those who did not also believed that†¦show more content†¦In addition, sleep is critical for decision making and critical thinking (Gilbert Weaver, 2010). Adolescents need to sleep the recommended amounts of time to be able to function at their optimum level. They are unable t o think as clearly or perform at the highest level in sports, school, or at work when they are tired (â€Å"Sleep and Teens†, n.d.). Sleep has been an important topic of research for many years. Early sleep literature only reported observations from sleep habits to compare and contrast with the data taken from the wake state. Before the majority of the science behind sleep was discovered, it was assumed that sleep was when the brain â€Å"turned off† and was in an entirely homogeneous state (Dement, 1998). Slowly, advancements were made in the study of sleep, including in 1729 when Jean Jacques d’Ortous deMairan demonstrated the persistence of circadian rhythms and in 1877 when narcolepsy was first described in medical literature (Dement, 1998; â€Å"Sleep Research Timeline†, 2017). Sleep research has since become much more advanced and is progressing quickly. One aspect of this research also included how sleep deprivation can affect academic performance. It is has been proven many times and with a variety of studies that sleep deprivation negatively impacts academic performance. The implication is that if these students are staying up later, their grades should be suffering. There are direct connections between rapid eyeShow MoreRelatedSummary : Investigative Journalism Essay952 Words   |  4 PagesSavannah Hamman Ms. Falbo Investigative Journalism 21 October 2016 Sleep and Students She woke up and stretched the stiffness from her limbs as she glanced at the clock, squinting through the blur of her tired eyes. 6:30 am, it read back to her, she sighed as she inched her way out of bed, not wanting to reach the edge and just stay in the warmth of her cozy sheets all day. When she finally stumbled into school, the students all around her were exactly the same. They walked the halls onlyRead MoreCauses Of Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects2487 Words   |  10 PagesMay, 2015 The Causes of Sleep Deprivation and Its Effects Do you know the importance of sleep? Do you know what sleep deprivation can do to you? Sleep deprivation is a terrible disorder that is caused by a lack of sleep. When you are up all night watching TV, or at work late and get home late but have to get up soon to start your day you are on the path of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a consequence of not sleeping, which results in bad health. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem becauseRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pagescreated a mystique for its heavy motorcycles and gained new customers. And its Rallies are something else again. The comeback of Continental Airlines from extreme adversity and devastated employee morale to become one of the best airlines in the country is an achievement of no small moment. New CEO Gordon Bethune brought marketing and human relations skills to one of the most rapid turnarounds ever, overcoming a decade of raucous adversarial labor relations and a reputation in the pits. Marketing

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